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My background is in physics, but during most of my professional life I was involved in computer modeling and programming. And very soon after I started using computers I was experimenting with writing computer programs that generate images. During my whole artistic life I was oriented toward creation of abstract geometric art works. In my work I was inspired by Mondrian, Vasarely and Max Bill and their modern abstract and mostly geometric art.

In creation of my artworks I use computer programming and mathematics, and in the tradition of so called algorithmic art my artworks are based on computer programs that I write. These programs contain coded procedures, so called algorithms, which describe the visual structure to be generated by the program. Algorithmic generation of images is a fascinating challenge that gave birth to unique kind of abstract visual structures. 

This specific method of creating artworks as well as my personal approach to art results in my works being rather different both from classical artwork created by hand but also from "standard" digital/computer art developed by using tools like Photoshop.

In my work I am looking for my own content and style through extensive experimenting with form and manipulation of colors, and for that purpose I use computer as a powerful tool and a partner in the creative process. I use various approaches like program generated graphics, digital manipulation of photographs using algorithmic manipulation of pixels within a photograph, program generated animation and algorithmically based sculptures.

In the last few years I started searching for an approach that would lead to more complex results, as well as to some dissonance and tension between visual elements of the image. I expect it to generate works that ask for more effort of visual apparatus in order to decode and interpret what the eye is seeing. I tried various approaches to achieve this and finally, to my surprise, I realized that I can reach what I intended to by some kind of destruction of the very same type of harmonic geometric forms I was building in majority of my previous works. Destruction was done by dissolving the original harmonic image into visual elements and then making some change of these elements and finally glueing them together into a new more dissonant image.


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