vlatko ceric

algorithmic art


early graphics







Unfortunately I didn't save most of my early works. I have only several prints from 1976 shown here.   


Here are photos of early graphics developed in 1976 on the IBM 360 mainframe.

Graphics were developed with FORTRAN IV programming language and printed on the classical line text printer of that time. 

Programs appeared in the form of punched cards, and there was no screen to check how the graphics looks like before printing. Therefore process of producing interesting visual shapes was quite slow.


print no. 1




print no. 2



print no. 3




print no. 4




print no. 5




print no. 6




print no. 7




print no. 7 - detail




computer program

Part of the program for generating graphics compiled in January, 1976.

Program is written in Fortran IV programming language.




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