vlatko ceric

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Vlatko Ceric is creating abstract and mostly geometric images developed by writing computer programs. He was born in 1945 in Zagreb, Croatia where he lives and works.  

From his childhood he wanted to know about stars on the sky as well as about many other phenomena in nature. This finally led him to study physics on the university where he learned about mathematical models describing functioning of nature. But during his study he was also engaged in the art theory course where he was fascinated with sculptures of Brancusi and modern abstract art.

When computers come in use in early 1970th and he got the chance to work with them he showed intensive interest in programming so that he finally quit his research position in the Institute of physics and start developing computer programs for solving different engineering and transport problems. He finally specialized in computer modelling and simulation of complex economic and logistic phenomena and made his Ph.D. in this field.

From mid 1970th he started developing computer programs for generating images on mainframe computers, and in 1980th he begun using a small Commodore 64 computer at his home for this purpose. From the beginning of 2001 he intensified this activity, and in 2005 he started exhibiting his artwork. After that his works were exhibited at a number of international print and digital art exhibitions. His works are in numerous international public collections. They are also exhibited in university classrooms and laboratories, scientific institutes, information technology companies, banks and hospitals. His works are included in several art books.

In his work he is inspired by modern abstract artists like Mondrian, Vasarely and Max Bill.


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